Apr 272012

The 2012 Talent Presentations were really amazing! It all started actually in the afternoon. People started lining up for the door opening around 3pm for a 6pm door opening! Auntie Theresa and Floyd were there early and a really awesome thing happened. I said to Theresa, “I hear there are even more Alaskans than I thought.” A lady next to me said, “Yeah.” I asked her where she was from and lo and behold she was a relation to Floyd and Theresa! Her uncle and Floyd had gone to school at Mt. Edgecumbe years ago and hadn’t seen each other for many years! It was a special meeting.

The doors finally opened and as everyone seated, Alfred and I setup for shooting the event. The show got underway at 7pm with an short show with the local tribe and a tribesman from New Zealand, who are visiting the event. Then the contestant presentations started! It was awesome to see all of the different regalia, customs, and languages presented.

Kelsey is number 27, so she was second to the last in the order. Waiting in the wings, so to speak, was also Sheila. As you will see, it was an awesome event. Afterwards Kelsey was greeted by many well wishers and family. It was a very special event.

Here are the photos- There are a bunch, but well worth the time to see all that happened! Video soon to be uploaded of Kelsey’s performance!

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