Jul 212011

The talent show exhibits the differing talents and skills that the ladies showcase to the judges in the Miss WEIO pageant. Each lady did a real nice job showing their stuff! Here Kelsey performs her favorite song and dance for the Judges and the spectators. This is the low quality version. As soon as I find high quality I’ll upload it. It was a truly exciting performance giving the whole perspective the dance and regalia. Of course Kelsey wow’ed them all to a great applause!

Kelsey’s talent is singing and dancing to a traditional Yup’ik song “Cayuurlakunguur” which is an ancient Yup’ik song and dance from the Kuskokwim region. For her talent, she will first sing “Cayuurlakunguur” to open her performance to reflect the traditional Yup’ik dancing of Mengluni, which is sung at the beginning of Yup’ik dancing. Mengluni simply means, the beginning. She will then explain the meaning behind her dance, the significance of why she chose this dance, and will then explain her traditional dance regalia. In a traditional dance, Mengluni is sung softly and slowly before dancing begins. The dance starts slowly and softly and builds momentum then ends with Pamyua, which is the tail end of the dance. Kelsey will dance to Cayuurlakunguur sung by Pamyua, the tribal artists from her region and Greenland and will be accompanied by a drummer. Kelsey dedicates her dance to the revitalization of Yup’ik dancing in her region and to the memory of those who no longer were permitted to participate in traditional Yup’ik dancing.


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