Apr 222012

Since July when I was crowned Miss WEIO, this day seemed so far away. But my family and I are now in Albuquerque in preparation for the Miss Indian World Competition. Whew!!

I flew down to Anchorage and I met my Dad so we could get all of the Raffle ticket money counted and ready to take to Miss Indian World. My Dad treated me to Sushi in Anchorage and then we left at 2:30am (EARLY!!!!) on the way to Seattle, Phoenix (via the Grand Canyon) and then into Albuquerque! It was a long day and we were very ready for a nap, but not before sampling some local food. BUMMER— The pool is broken!!!

I am so thankful for all of the support. Chuna McIntyre agreed to meet us here, so we sent him a ticket and my mom and I have been going over all of the regalia for the event. He is such an artist and has such knowledge of the Yup’ik tradition. I am awestruck by all that he knows and does. His regalia, as you will see, is simply amazing! I am so honored to wear it for our people.

Here are photos from the trip. My dad will be blogging from here on out and keeping you posted. Wish me luck!!

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