Apr 252012

Today was the official registration day for Miss Indian World 2012. Kelsey and the contestants and chaperones arrived early to register and officially begin the Pageant. There are 28 contestants from around the nation and they all looked lovely in their regalia. We met girls and chaperones from Canada as well as many of the tribes in the Lower 48.

As we walked into the hall, who should we see but Yup’ik people!! There is a conference going on and we ran into several friendly faces from our region. They all are going to be at the Talent event, so we have a CHEERING SECTION!! Grandma Wallace is in town as well as Kelsey’s Auntie Theresa and her family. We are grateful for everyone in attendance!

After registration, where the girls officially signed in and got their number, the tickets and ticket money were turned over to the Miss Indian World pageant. Team Ciugun did GREAT! Our official total was 3300 tickets sold. We missed being first by 40 tickets, by a contestant from California. Considering our challenge of remoteness and a large State, we did outstanding!! Thank you to everyone that participated! Your ticket purchase allows the contest to continue each year. 10% of the ticket sales was returned to Kelsey which will be used to cover part of the travel expenses for the contest.

After the registration and introduction of organizers, chaperones were asked to leave so the contest could begin. The first event, a personal interview with questions, was held immediately following the registration. As number 27, Kelsey is next to last in each event. After the event Kelsey was upbeat and needed one thing after they were released for a break– A NAP!!

Later in the evening, the contestants gathered together for dinner with just the organizers and contestants to get to know one another. The drawing was also held, but we will post the winning names in a separate post. Out of 16 possible winners, Team Ciugun is responsible for 3 winners!!

Tomorrow is a big day getting ready for the Talent presentations, so Kelsey is resting now so she is ready as ready can be! Good Luck Kelsey!!

Here are today’s photos!

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