WEIO 2012 Wednesday Photos

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Jul 202012

It is hard to believe it has been a whole year. Tonight I will turn over Miss WEIO crown to a new lady that will carry on the tradition of 50 ladies that came before me.

Here are some photos from the event. It has been so fun to return as Miss WEIO! More soon!

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Saturday Grand Entry Photos

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Apr 282012

Here are today’s Grand Entry Photos. It was a virtual Sea of Feathers and Fur! So beautiful as the floor danced.

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Gathering of Nations – Friday Evening Grand Entry

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Apr 282012

Friday Evening’s Grand Entry was the prelude to the Dance Competitions for Miss Indian World. Amazingly the pit was even more crowded. We figured out why they call it the “Pit” It is a basketball stadium dug into the ground. It holds more than 20000 people when full and the seats are steep toward the arena. From the top you down to the stadium floor.
Kelsey was wearing Chuna’s white rabbit parka and ecoutrements from him as well. It was an amazing time!

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MIW 2012 – Speech Photos

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Apr 282012

The Speech Presentations were held at Stage 49, an outdoor venue. It was great to see so many Alaskans at the event. In fact, I would venture to guess that the Alaska crowd outnumbered the other groups. We were honored to have Sen. Albert Kookesh in attendance with us as well. As soon as the session was completed in Juneau, he hopped on a jet to get to Gathering of Nations.

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Gathering of Nations – Friday Grand Entry

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Apr 282012

What an event! The stadium was filled with dancers. They bring the Grand Entry with the Chiefs and dignitaries from the Nations. Then Dancers arrive from each direction North South East West. The people dance around in a circle as streams of people enter the whirlpool of people. It was simply amazing to watch. I thought it was crowded, but then as you will see later, the Evening session was even MORE crowded. The regalia was unbelievable! Tribes from all corners of the Continent- Canada, U.S., and Mexico. The Miss Indian World contestants were beautiful. Kelsey was wearing Agnes McIntire’s squirrel parka made by Chuna with head regalia from Chuna as well. Beautiful!!

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Friday Miss Indian World- Today’s Activities

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Apr 272012

Today will be a super busy day!

12:00pm Grand Entry – If you are going – Be there at 10-10:30

Right after- Impromptu Speeches (1 min)

This Evening- Grand Entry

Dance Competition

Ends at 10-12pm if on schedule.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is up early for crowning practice. Then Grand Entry, Crowning at 7pm, and then the PowWow completes.

Check in Sunday at 11am for the flight to Alaska!

It’s going to be busy

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Wow! What a Night!!

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Apr 272012

The 2012 Talent Presentations were really amazing! It all started actually in the afternoon. People started lining up for the door opening around 3pm for a 6pm door opening! Auntie Theresa and Floyd were there early and a really awesome thing happened. I said to Theresa, “I hear there are even more Alaskans than I thought.” A lady next to me said, “Yeah.” I asked her where she was from and lo and behold she was a relation to Floyd and Theresa! Her uncle and Floyd had gone to school at Mt. Edgecumbe years ago and hadn’t seen each other for many years! It was a special meeting.

The doors finally opened and as everyone seated, Alfred and I setup for shooting the event. The show got underway at 7pm with an short show with the local tribe and a tribesman from New Zealand, who are visiting the event. Then the contestant presentations started! It was awesome to see all of the different regalia, customs, and languages presented.

Kelsey is number 27, so she was second to the last in the order. Waiting in the wings, so to speak, was also Sheila. As you will see, it was an awesome event. Afterwards Kelsey was greeted by many well wishers and family. It was a very special event.

Here are the photos- There are a bunch, but well worth the time to see all that happened! Video soon to be uploaded of Kelsey’s performance!

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Miss Indian World 2012 is Underway!

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Apr 242012

Kelsey checked into the Hard Rock Hotel in Albuquerque and attended the orientation for contestants this evening marking the opening of the Pageant. A total of 28 contestants from around the country and Canada are competing for the title. Tomorrow starts at 8am sharp. Kelsey will turn in the tickets and also have her personal interview. The schedule is very busy and all of the girls will have their work cut out for them. Here are some photos of the check in!

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We are So Thankful for Chuna McIntyre!

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Apr 242012

Chuna McIntyre is a world renowned artist originally from Eek, Alaska. His work, his knowledge, and his talent are so awe inspiring! He offered his work for Kelsey to wear for the Gathering of Nations and Miss Indian World. We offered to bring him to Albuquerque and he accepted and arrived as we did. On Sunday, Kelsey and Sheila and Chuna went over all of the regalia that he brought for the event. It is so unbelievably beautiful! Before he left back to Oakland, CA., where he now lives, we sat down one last time so that I could get some photos of his work with him. It was like being with a human encyclopedia! Watch the photos and hear him describe all of the work. The drum was sitting nearby and just before we left to have breakfast, he regaled us with the last song his Grandmother taught him. It was a special moment to have him here and share with us!

Chuna Singing – [audio:http://ciugun.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/song.mp3|titles=song]

Chuna and his work – [audio:http://ciugun.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/parka.mp3|titles=parka]

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Miss Indian World Ticket Sales

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Mar 312012

Hi Everyone!

Miss Indian World is less than a month away! I am so excited! My family and friends are helping out with raffle ticket sales and the support has been awesome!

You can buy online ($20 minimum) or see any of us listed below.

Bethel- John or Sheila Wallace – Theresa Moses

Fairbanks – ME!!

Anchorage – My aunties Verla and Barbara will have some. Vernon Chimegalria may have a few (Thanks Vernon!)


Thanks in advance for all of your kind support!

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Rappin’ Drew’s Foundation – Suicide Prevention – My Brother is Awesome!

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Mar 282012

While I was down in Bethel, I got to bring on stage, my brother, Alfred and his friend, Christof, in support of Drew’s Foundation suicide prevention effort. They were just amazing. When they were done, I was so emotional about the lyrics, well… just listen– It’s worth it. Anything to stop the cycle of loss…



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Cama-i 2012!

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Mar 182012

I am so excited to be coming to Bethel for Cama-i 2012! I will be helping with the Mr and Miss Cama-i Pageant as well as helping out with MC’ing. Come on down and see me.

I will also be selling raffle tickets for the Miss Indian World Pageant that I will be attending in late April!


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The Big Day is Here!

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Jul 222011

Hi All-Miss Kuskokwim Kelsey Wallace has been doing an outstanding job representing the Yukon-Kuskokwim region at the Miss WEIO Pageant here in Fairbanks. The lady competitors from across the State have been working very hard and tonight is the big night.
The competition consists of Talent, a Personal Interview, an Impromptu Speech, and other judged events. In addition, the Ladies are up early and out in the community of Fairbanks and North Pole visiting sponsors, Seniors, Native Groups, and other events. It has been very challenging, but Kelsey has been doing great. She is traveling with her Mom, Sheila as her chaperone. Alfred and I are basically the support team offering assistance when possible, but to be honest– staying out of the way! 🙂
The Community of Bethel and our Region have been very supportive. Win or lose, I cannot express how humbling it is to have so many folks come and offer assistance. From the day that this all began on the 4th of July, people have been helping out and making this truly a event that is representative of the best of our region.
I am sure I am going to miss someone, but here is the start of the Thank-You list–Letha Chimegalria-Simon, Vernon Chimegalrea, Agnes McIntyre, Julia Street, John Street, Patrick Hopstead, Ana Hoffman, Mary Sattler, Theresa Moses, Chuna McIntyre, Pamyua, Donlin Creek, Bethel Native Corporation, and the WEIO organizers Mandy, Carmen, and Flora.
People have been offering best wishes from around the State and the Lower 48. This truly has been a world class event.

Coronation is this evening and we’ll keep you posted. The ladies have a full day of events today as well as the Golden Days Parade tomorrow.

Keep track of it all at www.ciugun.com.
John Wallace.

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WEIO Thursday Photos

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Jul 222011
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WEIO Talent Show – Cayurlakuunga – Pulling Strength from Within

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Jul 212011

The talent show exhibits the differing talents and skills that the ladies showcase to the judges in the Miss WEIO pageant. Each lady did a real nice job showing their stuff! Here Kelsey performs her favorite song and dance for the Judges and the spectators. This is the low quality version. As soon as I find high quality I’ll upload it. It was a truly exciting performance giving the whole perspective the dance and regalia. Of course Kelsey wow’ed them all to a great applause!

Kelsey’s talent is singing and dancing to a traditional Yup’ik song “Cayuurlakunguur” which is an ancient Yup’ik song and dance from the Kuskokwim region. For her talent, she will first sing “Cayuurlakunguur” to open her performance to reflect the traditional Yup’ik dancing of Mengluni, which is sung at the beginning of Yup’ik dancing. Mengluni simply means, the beginning. She will then explain the meaning behind her dance, the significance of why she chose this dance, and will then explain her traditional dance regalia. In a traditional dance, Mengluni is sung softly and slowly before dancing begins. The dance starts slowly and softly and builds momentum then ends with Pamyua, which is the tail end of the dance. Kelsey will dance to Cayuurlakunguur sung by Pamyua, the tribal artists from her region and Greenland and will be accompanied by a drummer. Kelsey dedicates her dance to the revitalization of Yup’ik dancing in her region and to the memory of those who no longer were permitted to participate in traditional Yup’ik dancing.


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WEIO 2011 Begins!

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Jul 212011

Here are some photos from the Opening Ceremonies of WEIO 2011. Kelsey in full regalia!

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2011 Miss Kuskokwim Pageant

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Jul 042011

The Miss Kuskokwim Pageant has been dormant for several years. A few weeks before the 4th of July Celebration in Bethel, we heard rumblings and then a request from the organizers to run for the title. Ana Cooke-Hoffman and Mary Sattler got the event off to a great start with many gals signing up. Kelsey won and this title sent her to Fairbanks to compete for the Miss World Eskimo Indian Olympics title.

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